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We Have Water

Thanks to the Stellenbosch Municipality Drought Management Plan, Avemore Apartments still has water and will continue to have water for the foreseeable future. Cooperation from all of our guests are however critical and we therefore need your help to save and recycle water wherever possible. We know that you love our city just as much as we do and will do everything you can to help us save our valuable water

Avemore Apartments Stellenbosch

Avemore's Apartments are conveniently situated in the Historic heart of Central Stellenbosch, offering you the opportunity to stroll around town enjoying superb wines at the many amazing wine bars and to sample some of the best cuisines offered in South-Africa, whilst soaking up the European Atmosphere created by sidewalk Cafe's, making it easy to unwind and enjoy yourself.


►    Eikehof No 2

►    Eikehof No 24

One Bedroom

►    AndringaWalk No 221

►    Vredehof No 2

►    Vredehof No 3

►    Wag n Bietjie No 1

Two Bedroom

►    Vredehof No 1

►    Eikehof No 26

►    Eikehof No 23

►    Mareba Court No 1

    Jan Cats No 2

Three Bedroom Apartments

►    Jan Cats No 5

►    Lagratitude No 6

Avemore Sedgefield
6 Johan Island 

Avemore offers this spectacular Holiday house located in the scenic Garden Route. The house can comfortably accommodate 14 guests, making it the perfect option for family get togethers. Avemore Sedgefield is also within walking distance of a number of attractions including the beautiful Sedgefield lagoon.



Reservations: +2771 407 4298
Cell: +2772 233 2600